I am a writer based out of Toronto, and I write  articles, reviews, and essays, which I have usually written at the request from someone who was interested in the specific topic, or if I had received a product from a brand requesting a review. This includes articles that I have written for this site and that for others – found on the Articles & Contributions Elsewhere page.

There is an emphasis on gear and book reviews and they are approached here in a different manner than usual.

As with all my book “Reviews”/“Highlights” on Instagram or elsewhere, I am not going to give you a thorough step by step review of the work. I will impart on you with my opinion as to why it is worth your time and how it may leave you a better person once the final page is turned.

Gear that has been and will be reviewed are typically approached with how they performed in the field. This includes enduring the environments and activities they were designed to for, or marketed towards.