When we first met, we knew why we differed from them.

From our outset, we embraced the mayhem.

Throughout our journey, we always read from the same page.

No matter at our day’s end, we calmed each others rage.

Our shared breaths and humour.

Restored all reason, through our shared common sense.

And we left behind the Insular.

Surely life itself, became dimly excuritiating & distant.

Securely at your side, I never heard a complaint.

You watched yourself whither into the void.

Yet that never diminished, your strength and your poise.

Our shared breaths and humour.

Tore down the violence, of indifferent yet voluntary toxicants.

As we approached your final tenure.

Now that you’re gone, every moment is savoured.

With each dawn, all is invested into your lost future.

Our last breaths of what we endured.

Focused all thoughts, focused all emotions.

Into what could be cured.

With your last breath you bestowed.

With your last breath you endowed.

With your last breath you opened all possibilities.

With a sense of purpose.

& most importantly.

The calmness in readiness to build a future without you.