As “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi did for us in 2016, Vice President Joe Biden in his touching release “Promise Me, Dad” in 2017 has provided us with a profoundly moving book on what truly matters.

Dealing with an impending loss and moving onwards with life is something that none us of are immune to or not familiar with. Finding the sense of drive and purpose and to be true to what truly matters to you is central when dealing with the worst days of our lives. 

Beyond the struggles of his family and their immense loss, and that of his decision to not run for president in the last election, this book offers so many lessons in so few pages, that it is an essential read for anyone. These included his various duties, encounters, to his personal relationships with foreign leaders who came to depend on him during their country’s darkest hours. His unassailable friendship with President Obama was a cornerstone that I was not expecting to resonate with me as much as it did.

I’ll leave you with one such instance when he described how he and the President always treated each other by levelling with each other, holding each other accountable and always being there for one another. At the moment of reading this, I was immediately taken into rapid reflection of my very own friendships and business experiences. The ability of others to level with each other was and is the essential ingredient necessary in a successful and long lasting partnership.